Loose Diamonds

What you choose, also chooses you.”- Kamand Kojouri

Diamond selection is a meticulous process. Attention to diamond detail beyond the certification is what has kept Masina a leading diamond supplier with the highest reputation in Atlanta for the past 34 years.  Having such a large inventory of loose diamonds and access to almost any diamond worldwide is what gives our clients the peace of mind that they are getting the highest quality for the best price.

How we help assort your diamond choices


We understand that diamond shopping can be an expensive process. Purchasing directly from diamond wholesalers like us cuts out the overpriced brand names and puts more money back in your pocket. We work around your budget to provide you with the finest diamond in the market at the best price.


A diamond’s beauty is its most important feature. At Masina we strive to provide our clients with the diamonds of the highest make to assure that your diamond will sparkle for a lifetime.


We only work with the most trustworthy and reputable diamond certifications in the diamond industry.  But we don’t stop there; we thoroughly check every diamond only showing our clients the stones that pass our rigorous expectations.

Here at Masina, jewelry is an art, and each piece tells its own story.

Having specialized in custom ring settings and  custom jewelry designs for over three decades, we work with our expert team of designers to bring your dreams to reality. We include you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure that your design turns out exactly how you envisioned. 


Quality is everlasting,


At Masina, we believe that it should be the foundation of all of our jewelry pieces. Each diamond is hand selected to match in color, cut, size, and clarity for your custom designs.  Our stones are microscopically handset to assure stability and durability.  Utilizing the expertise of our life long jewelers is what has brought us the title of one of the best jewelry stores in Atlanta.